08 Apr 2021

How Fashion Influences Your Emotions

The fashion industry is based on illusions - the illusion of perfect beauty, for example. But look behind the curtain, and you will see the industry is much more than this. It has come to master all emotional strings attached to your senses, weaving them into the fabric of society. Fashion is more than just a way of expressing your individuality or style as an expression of your identity. Fashion is also more than just a way of dressing. In fact, it is responsible for shaping moods and social interactions.

How Fashion Influences Your Emotions

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we express ourselves through our clothing and appearance, and our choice in attire often becomes part of our permanent identity. If you want to make a good impression, first you have to feel good. This sentiment finds perfect grounding among the works of Liberace and Amanda Lepore.

What Liberace and Amanda Lepore Have to Say

Their attitude towards fashion was infectious and gave much for people to learn from. It was inspiring, raw, and breathtaking. They believed that the right clothes have a therapeutic effect - they align our minds and souls with our emotions. That’s why sometimes the right accessories are all you need to brighten your day, lift your spirits or change the perspective of an ally.

What Science Has to Say

Science, too has given us enough reason to believe that fashion has the ability to influence emotions. Researchers have found that we wear clothes to help define our personality and make us feel better. And the way we dress reflects how happy and comfortable we feel within ourselves based on our wider personality. Fashion and emotion are inextricably linked. How we dress can be a mechanism for how we choose to express ourselves, and if this expression is seen as socially acceptable or not can have broad-ranging consequences.

The Consequences

Fashion impacts your emotions and feelings. When you wear a certain outfit, you automatically feel happier and more confident. When your appearance is on point, you feel like you can take on the world.

Fashion is known to be able to help us with our personal and professional lives. It gives us an outlet to explore creativity and shows us the meaning of self-expression.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, fashion truly goes a long way in influencing and even reflecting your emotions. That is why it pays off to take the time and invest in yourself every day - whether it is wearing an outfit you are proud of, doing your hair in a way you like most, or even donning a colour that inspires you. It always pays off to look after yourself every day - and the best way to do that is by being you and wearing your style proudly. 

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