17 Mar 2021

Silhouettes to watch out for this Spring-Summer

If you thought that drab, sweaty, and pyjamas are the words you’d have associated with Summer’21, you have got to get a rain check! How about trendy, hot, joyful, and subtly loud? Yes! With the second wave of pandemic around us in full force, the WFH fashion is getting increasingly trendier. People are experimenting, and how! Barriers have been broken, the lethargy of couch potatoes has been left behind, and people are more than ready to embrace the bright spring and summer.

Let’s look at some of the trends that may dominate this season-

Boyfriend’s? Nah! Your own oversized silhouette

The very famous boyfriend shirt is so passe. Turn on the comfort and glam with oversized silhouettes in your wardrobe, be it the shirts or denim. A spin-off from the regular shirt, cropped at the midriff, is also trending. How about you do away with the long sleeves and go for the shoulder-padded cropped ones? There is even the possibility of giving it an A-line spin and accessorizing it with a wide-waisted belt. As they say, a good shirt should never go out of your wardrobe. Probably the most effortless breezy look to curate as well.

Flowy, A-line dresses to die for!

Think bright colours. Think puffed-up sleeves. Think huge earrings. The dresses are never really out of fashion, are they? But this season, monochrome and flashy colours are in, and so are variations in the sleeves. A-line, cotton, floral dresses epitomize the spirit of womanhood better than any other. Rated high on comfort and uber-chic, this look with a pair of nude heels can be your go-to this season. You can shop for some of these dresses available in a multitude of colours from Power Sutra here.

Knit it up!

Still hungover from the winter? No worries, get out your crochet and knitted wear and be snug and comfortable this season. Great to make a statement, these looks paired with summery partners like shorts, ponytails, hoops, and stylish flip-flops are also perfectly easy to don on short notice. Wear them on tank tops, wear them tight or loose, but wear them bright!

Accessorize much?

Since the pandemic, the face mask has become an integral part of your wardrobe. There is a style for home and different styles and patterns for going out. There are even fancier ones for weddings! Watch as the fashion accessory game changes, with flip-flops being the design inspiration for many footwear designers. Who’d have thought? And guess what? Bucket hats are back! Experiment with different fabrics and colours, and pick the one you like!

So, put on your innovative hats on and experiment. Because that’s the key to creating your own styles. Experiment, experiment till you get it right. Your looks are your own, they should reflect your personality and make you stand out. Be your own person, you do you!

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Power Sutra Size Chart
Bust Natural Waist Hip
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S 34-35" 28-29" 37-38"
M 36-37" 30-31" 39-40"
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*If your size falls in between the above sizes, it is recommended to opt for the smaller size or try the customized fits from Power Sutra.

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Power Sutra’s Customized Parameters:
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  • Skirt/Dress Length
  • Trouser Length
  • a) Above Hip Length (Not covering the hips): Hem of the Top rests just above the hip bone
  • b) Hip Length (Covering half or less than half of the hips): Hem of the Top rests between the hip bone and the crotch
  • c) Below Hip Length (Covering full hips): Hem of the Top rests just above the upper thigh hitting just below the crotch.
  • a) Above knee length: Hemline of the skirt or dress falls 0-2 inches above the knees
  • b) Knee Length: Hemline of the skirt or dress falls anywhere on the knees
  • c) Below Knee Length: Hemline of the skirt or dress falls 0-2 inches below the knees
  • a) Above ankle length: Hem of the trouser falls 1-2 inches above the ankle joint
  • b) Ankle length: Hem of the trouser just hits the ankle joint
  • c) Below ankle length: Hem of the trouser falls 1-2 inches below the ankle joint