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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Formal Trousers for Women

When film director Andrew Lau said, “We need to look to the future. You can't come up with new things unless you constantly forget the past. There's no reason to keep wearing the same pair of pants”, he was probably talking about moving ahead in life and not specifically about formal trousers for women. 

But there’s no reason why we cannot incorporate his line about not wearing the same pair of pants in a very literal sense. As they say, if the shoe fits… well, if the pants fit, in this case.

The point? It’s that we women already have a hard time trying to prove our talents in this male-dominated corporate world. And every possible inch, every possible factor that can potentially give us an edge in this ultra-competitive war grounds, is worth going after.

You need to nail that meeting or talk even before it has begun. And what's the best way to achieve this? Well, it’s simple - Presentation!

We, at Power Sutra, have got it down to a T on how to master the art of presenting your best self at your workplace. And today, we’re going below the belt with our outlandish tips to choose formal trousers for ladies!

Before we get the ball rolling, let’s ask ourselves a simple question that may seem obvious but are equally important: what are formal trousers? And as an extension to that: what is the difference between trousers and formal pants?

1.What are formal trousers for women?

In a nutshell, formal trousers are made of suit fabric, such as wool, tweed, or gabardine, and are appropriate for formal situations like weddings, sophisticated office meetings, and elegant dinners.

But of course, nowadays, other materials such as linen, cotton, polyester and cotton blends, poly viscose, and polyester and nylon blends are quite prominent when it comes to formal pants for ladies. Formal trousers add a layer of sophistication to your semblance and are often sharp, sleek, well-fitted, and match with the rest of your outfit.

Casual trousers, on the other hand, are part of clothing that is used for everyday wear, relaxed outings, Sunday brunches or barbecues, etc. They emphasize comfort, informality, and the materials they're made from, reflect that – cotton, jersey, denim, polyester, etc.

But let’s keep our focus on the formals for now.

Now that you have a good idea about what are formal trousers, let’s get to the heart of the matter – different ways to style them, starting with types.

2.What are the different styles of trousers?

Now, we like to be inclusive and not leave anyone out. So in this list, we’ve also featured trousers styles that may not be strictly formal, but are somewhere on the spectrum between semi-formal and formal.

Tailored, Suit Trousers

Sleek, tapering, well-fitted, and dark solid coloured pants fall under this category. They are the most common (or most popular, if you’re a glass-half-full kinda gal) types of formal trousers for women in a workplace or any other formal environment. The only downside, and we’re nitpicking now, is that these trousers need constant ironing to look their best. You can do away with the ironing by opting for wrinkle-free polyester blend fabric. 

Wide-Leg Dress Pants

Get hold of these wide-leg pants for a more contemporary silhouette. Even when they're in a neutral colour, these work pants maintain a professional appearance while being a little more fashionable than typical trousers.

Without a doubt, this look is striking and exactly what you want to wear when you want to be assertive at work. You can even add a twist to it by going for the pleated wide-bottom pants!

Look no further if you're looking for something to make an impact during that quarterly business review! 

Cropped Hem Pants

Keep things cool in the summer by wearing a stylish pair of cropped work pants that will keep you chilled and relaxed without having to compromise on professionalism. These pants often come in a range of hues and designs, with hems that end just above the ankle. And almost any top goes well with cropped trousers, so they can be a versatile part of a number of different outfits!

Chinos (see: Khakis)

These khaki pants are super cozy and very low-maintenance. Toeing the line between casual and formal superbly, you can go either way with these trousers for women depending on what you decide to pair them with!

As far as work is concerned, throw on a white or black formal dress shirt and you've got yourselves an elegant, semi-formal pair of trousers for women.

Now, just knowing all about these different types of trousers for ladies is all well and good, but not good enough if you don’t know much about this next point: which different styles of formal trousers suit which different body types? Let’s find out.

First things first, you have to know which of the popular body shapes your own resembles the most. If you’re not sure, here’s a little guide that talks about the different body shapes in greater detail.

3.Trousers for Different Types of Body Shapes

There are so many types of formal trousers for women, from straight cuts and relaxed fits to wide-legged pants, slim-fit stretch pants, and extra-loose fits. Every body type has the perfect formal trousers that go best with them, for example:

  • Inverted triangle- Avoid pants that stick to your body and go for relaxed fits and straight cuts to add balance.
  • Rectangle shape- Wide-legged pants & straight cuts are ideal. Get them tight at the waist so create a subtle definition.
  • Hourglass shape- Being the most versatile body type, slim fit, straight cuts, and loose fits fall under the best women’s trouser category for work. And don’t forget the paper-bag waist trouser.

(Don’t worry, we’ve got something that fits all sizes too – wide belt stretch trousers!)

You realize how important colour is to the overall appearance of your outfit, right? Many businesses, organizations, and government departments have a specific dress code that specifies the types of fabrics and colours that are acceptable and unacceptable.

More than others, some colours complement all body types. So, if you want to look professional, stick to wearing dark colours like black or blue. For a more laid-back appearance, choose peach, orange, or golden hues. 

Here are the top 5 Powersutra-approved, exclusive colour combinations for a workplace environment:

Black-white, brown-white, dark green-grey, purple-White, blue-beige.

Of course, your pants do not exist in a vacuum. You will need to pair them with something on top, like a shirt or a t-shirt or a blouse, or even add a blazer to it. The point is that the types of formal trousers for ladies you buy depend directly on the existing styles in your wardrobe, or at least in your head.

Camisoles with a coordinated blazer for a formal look, a t-shirt with a blazer for a semi-formal one, or just a t-shirt or a dress shirt for a semi-casual look. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, and the existing apparel that you already own that you want to match, the styles of the formal trousers for women that you buy will change accordingly.

Now, we’ve been talking and talking and talking about these formal trousers for women. But are we just going to keep talking about it, or are we going to take some action?

That’s right, now we get to the best part: retail therapy! AKA, how to shop for your favourite formal trousers online.

6.Quick Tips for Online Shopping Formal Trousers for Ladies

  1. Buy from PowerSutra (Duh!)
  2. Find your favourites

At PowerSutra, we have a wide range of formal trousers for ladies in different types, different colours, and different sizes!

3. Check for your size

Grab a measuring tape and note down all your relevant sizes. We’ve got a size chart and a ‘how to measure’ guide on each of our product pages, fo you to refer and dress your best. Oh! And we also have a height option so you wear your trousers instead of them wearing you!

4. Add to cart!

Add your favourites to the cart, select your preferred payment option (they’re all super secure, don’t worry!), and wait for our trusted delivery partners to reach you! 

5. Dazzle your workplace with your classy new trousers!

So there you have it, ladies! Buying formal trousers may not be as simple as it sounds, but we hope that with this definite guide, you can get your hands on the trousers of your preferences, and feel extra confident for your next presentation!

And don’t forget Andrew Lau’s wise musings: There is no reason to keep wearing the same pair of pants!

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