Our Story

Professional work wear for Women is niche territory. There was always a compromise on offer. Quality vs affordability, Variety vs fit, you could have one, and struggle for the other. Off the Rack clothing isn’t often designed for practical body shapes and very few online stores deal in corporate wear, and those that do are stuck making assembly line products, with very little customisation or individuality available. Looking for the right office wear is often irritating, time consuming and most times outright frustrating.

Dr. Pooja Malhotra, like most employed women, had been juggling a high pressure Corporate Medical career and a young family, so time wasn’t a luxury that she could easily afford. Combine that with an acute Fashion sense, and well...finding the right wear & fit meant all those words listed above- irritating, time consuming and outright frustrating. So, in 2020 as the entire world stopped to catch its breath, Pooja decided to do something about it. Thus, happened Power Sutra!

Our Story


Women have been at the forefront of our Corporate Sector, juggling their personal and professional lives, managing companies, and running households, squeezing out more than what a 24-hours-day is worth, from the clock. Power Sutra offers a desk to dinner solution for their fashion needs enabling them to manage their Styles and Deadlines, together. This is done through a 4 stage, customer first approach we call - LOVE.

Stage 1- Library

Design a catalogue of Premium Corporate wear, focusing primarily on the 3 E’s-

I. Elegance- Pastel Shades, Pleasing Aesthetics and Comfort.

II. Economics- Light on the pocket, heavy on quality

III. Empowerment- Deliver apparels that pack a powerful first impression punch.

Stage 2- Order

Provide an easy to order highly Personalized customer experience through:

I. Easy to use interactive web portal and free of cost customization options to suit your comfort and style

II. Personal fashion consultant on call

Stage 3- Value

I. Provide value through sourcing high-end quality fabrics at economical rates

II. Employ highly trained tailors for a flawless stich, ensuring a perfect fit.

Stage 4- Engage

Provide an engaging after sales experience to enhance brand loyalty through:

I. A No-Questions asked, 100% return / refund Policy.

II. Customer support available through WhatsApp / emails / phone.

III. Personal stylist assigned to each customer.

IV. A lively Social media presence through Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs - Corporate and Personal, Fashion articles etc.

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Soul Behind The Brand

Dr. Pooja Malhotra (Founder and CEO of Power Sutra), a post graduate doctor with over the 15 years of fulfilling career in medicine, working with the best and the brightest in the field - hospitals like Max, Fortis, W Pratiksha, Safdarjung, Hindu Rao, Lady Hardinge Medical College. etc to name a few.

She is also an internationally published author, a passionate fashionista, mother to a 11 year old and an entrepreneur. Power Sutra is her brainchild, something she personally manages right down to every single needle or roll of thread.

Soul Behind The Brand