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Finest Quality Pant Suits and Skirt Suits

Confidence and power dressing go hand in hand. Suits have always been a staple garment for power dressing to give that formal, professional, confident and powerful look for those formal business meetings. We at Power Sutra have curated pants suits and skirt suits which blend feminine discernment with style. As blazers and jackets have always been an integral piece in a pant suit or skirt suit to give that powerful look, we make these jackets light weight and in breathable fabric like cotton, linen and poly cotton to give you the comfort that you need for long hours at work.

We have also tried to make pant suits simpler yet stylish by adding blazer style tops over comfort fit trousers or skirts in a co-ord. These kinds of suits not only look professional but also enhance your feminine looks. As these tops are not as heavy as a blazer and jacket, you can carry yourself in them effortlessly and comfortably all day long.

Our Pantsuits and skirt suits with jackets are available in breathable fabric like cotton and polycotton. We also have pant suits in pastel rich colored polyester fabric. Polyester fabric not only makes these look beautiful and elegant but also light weight and less prone to wrinkles. Therefore these require less ironing and are ideal for travelling.

Why Power Sutra?

We aim to give you a perfect fit along with the style and class when it comes to your clothes. We believe every woman is beautiful and empowered and to feel empowered, you need to look empowered. If you are well dressed and feel comfortable in your clothes you can make your own style. We strive to make your shopping experience hassle free by giving ample variety in our designs and rich quality luxurious fabric so that Power Sutra becomes your go to brand for all your workwear and Party dresses’ need.

We believe that fit of the clothes plays a major role in the look of particular attire. A perfect fit helps make a woman feel confident in what she is wearing. Keeping that in mind we have made our standard size charts and clothes after an extensive research on size and shape of various women. You will not be disappointed if you choose our standard sizes. Still if you feel the need for an even better fit, we have the provision of made to measure products as well. With each product, we have given options for you to provide vitals to help us give you your dream fit. Not only that, we also have provision for customization as per your wish and style.

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Power Sutra Size Chart
Bust Natural Waist Hip
XS 32-33" 26-27" 35-36"
S 34-35" 28-29" 37-38"
M 36-37" 30-31" 39-40"
L 38-39" 32-33" 41-42"
XL 40-41" 34-35" 43-44"
XXL 42-43" 36-37" 45-46"

*If your size falls in between the above sizes, it is recommended to opt for the smaller size or try the customized fits from Power Sutra.

For example - If your waist is 31.5" go for Medium Size (M) instead of Large (L) size or try "Customized Now" option and provide your exact measurements for a perfect fit.

Power Sutra’s Customized Parameters:
  • Top Length
  • Skirt/Dress Length
  • Trouser Length
  • a) Above Hip Length (Not covering the hips): Hem of the Top rests just above the hip bone
  • b) Hip Length (Covering half or less than half of the hips): Hem of the Top rests between the hip bone and the crotch
  • c) Below Hip Length (Covering full hips): Hem of the Top rests just above the upper thigh hitting just below the crotch.
  • a) Above knee length: Hemline of the skirt or dress falls 0-2 inches above the knees
  • b) Knee Length: Hemline of the skirt or dress falls anywhere on the knees
  • c) Below Knee Length: Hemline of the skirt or dress falls 0-2 inches below the knees
  • a) Above ankle length: Hem of the trouser falls 1-2 inches above the ankle joint
  • b) Ankle length: Hem of the trouser just hits the ankle joint
  • c) Below ankle length: Hem of the trouser falls 1-2 inches below the ankle joint